Company Profile

Founded in 2006 in Slovakia, Industry & Project Engineering (I&PE) is an engineering company that delivers excellent service to its clients. Thanks to highly qualified team and expert knowledge in combination with state-of-the art design tools, I&PE provides added value solutions. Company operates in the fields of chemical industry, crude oil processing, heat and power generation, metallurgy, infrastructure and civil constructions.

In I&PE, all engineering disciplines are in-house. We provide engineering services customized to clients´ objectives within all project lifecycle. Whether it is a phase of conceptual design and engineering, investment phase or plant operation, we are at your service.

I&PE´s workforce is licensed in accordance with the Act No. 136/1995 and the professionals are members of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers.

How do we stay competitive on global market? Well, thanks to ongoing development in all our activities but above all thanks to development of human resources which is among management´s top prioroties.